'Assuredly,' said the Lincoln■shire Franciscans, 'the perf●ection of Christian life does● n


ot consist in wearing a gr■ay frock, in disguising ourselves in stran●ge fashion, in bending


the body and nodding the■ head,[214] and in wearing a girdle f●ull of knots. The true Chris


tian life has been■ divinely manifested to us in Ch■rist; and for that reason we ●submit wi



th one consent to t■he king's orders.' The monks of the● convent of St. Andrew at Northampton acknowledg●ed to the commissioners that they● had taken the habit of the order to li●ve in comfortable

  • that the th●ree city hospitals shall hence
  • for●ward subserve not the pleasures of those
  • canon●s, priests, and {100} monks, w
  • hose dirty and■ disgusting bodies encumber ●our streets; but be

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idleness and not b■y virtuous labor, and had indulged in continu■al drunkenness, and in carnal and voluptuous a■ppetites.[215] 'We have covered the gospel of ■Christ with shame,' they said. 'Now, ●seeing the gulf of everlasting fire gapin■g to swallow us up, and impelled by the sting●


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t national measure, an●d wished to carry it out. Neithe

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r the eloq

u■ence of the monks, their prayer●s, their promises, nor their money could move hi●m. Some of the abbots s



et t●hems

elves in open revolt against the ●king, but were forced to submit at last. The ol■d halls, the long gallerie



s, the n●

arrow cells of the convents, became emptier ●from day to day. The monks received a pe●nsion in proportion to



their age

. Those who d●esired to continue in the religious lif■e were sent to the large monasteries. M●any were dism

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issed with a few■ s

hillings for their

journey a●nd a new


] 'As for you,

' said the c

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